How to play football well


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How to play football well

How to play football well Hello all members, today we will teach you how to play football to be good at soccer, commonly known as football, is a fun, exciting game. Is the sport that is played the most in the world It was raised to “A beautiful sport game” due to the amazing skills of the players. Team strategy And the coordination of each player If you feel serious about playing football Remember that you need to train harder, longer and faster than your competitors. And need to be frequently accustomed to football In order to be a good ball player, you must have the skills you need. Today, we present 3 skills to be a ball gambler.

  1. Learn how to dribble football like Lionel Messi. Dribbling Is controlling the football while it is running If you want to keep the football in your team’s possession You need to dribble the football Dribbling Is using your feet to touch the soccer ball with enough force to take the ball forward with you And must be light enough to prevent the ball from being too far away from you. You can dribble the ball with the inside of your shoe. Above the thumb (With the feet pointing down to the floor) or even the outside of the shoe The easiest way to dribble football. May be the inside of your shoe. Learn to dribble at different speeds. When you are running to climb the side line And you dribble football through players Your dribbling will look very different. Compared to dribbling through the defender in front of you
  2. Learn how to pass the football to teammates. Football passing Is to pass the ball to the position you want precisely In passing the football To kick the ball using the inside foot. Or called the soccer ball This way the football will not have much energy. But the result is accuracy As soon as you have basic skills in passing the ball You can try to kick the swag. Or kick a side bend to pass the football ball to your teammates, pass the ball with the toe down, forward and the heel on the ground, predicting where the player will be. If your teammates are running So you kick the football ball in front of your teammates So they can immediately rush to the football ball to kick the swag Use the inside of the sole of the foot, but turn it forward more (45 degrees to the goal instead of almost 90 degrees) when kicking the ball. Since you have to kick with your feet outside, with your legs swept in the ball shape
  3. Know how to shoot. If you are really close to the door And what you need to do Which is accurate in scoring goals You can shoot using the soccer ball with the inside foot. Just like passing a football ball, but in general you tend to stay away from the door frame. And need to use strength And the accuracy of the shot Kick the football in the middle of the lacing By having your feet point down to the ground And hold your foot in this manner when you kick the ball away, then use your hips to swing the foot to the soccer ball Draw your feet back, if necessary, to increase the power to shoot more goals. This will cause both feet to rise slightly from the ground.

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